Wagathas – Vermont Dog Treat Company success

Wow! After doing a full optimization and submission program for newly created Wagathas, a small kosher organic dog biscuit manufacturer in Manchester, Vermont, we have had great success. This little company with BIG optimization goals signed up for the Online Marketing Works intermediate SEO package. We optimized their site for about 30 keyword phrases comprising about 10 keywords.

Wagathas had great success with local Vermont based web position ranking. They are in the top 2 positions on Google for “vermont dog treats”, “vermont dog biscuits” (the VT versions as well), all variations of “vermont kosher” dog treats and biscuits, etc. This was our main goal. Mission accomplished (but in reality, not the George Bush sense).

What great results! We are truly blown away.

The great news is our more aggressive optimization gained us some national placement. On Google, Wagathas is now:

  • #2 for “organic dog treats”
  • #4 for “organic dog treat”
  • #3 for “organic dog biscuits”
  • #6 for “organic dog biscuit”
  • #8 for “kosher dog treats”
  • #10 for “kosher dog treat”
  • #45 and gaining for “dog treats”
  • #17 for “dog biscuits”

All of this for a small Vermont company that has been in a business for a short period of time.