Stock Options Trading Google Dance – Terry’s Tips challenge update

How bizarre. As you may know, I have been challenged to get into the top 10 of Google for the keyword phrase “stock options trading”. What you may not know is that we also have another website called which promotes a similar product line but offers a 50% affiliate share with all White Paper purchases through the ClickBank network.

Over labor day weekend, the Terry’s Tips Clickbank site shot up to #5 on Google for our keyword phrase “stock options trading“!! I have been slowly upgrading the content on the Stock Option Success website but on a scale by no means comparable to the 1000 words a week I am adding to the home page of Terry’s Tips (through our new newsletter tool). And that website is certainly no more optimized, has fewer inbound links by far, and only a PageRank of 3 opposed to Terry’s 4 (down from a 5 a couple of months ago).

So why did this happen?

No idea.

What prompted me to write this blog entry is that by this afternoon, this miraculous result has disappeared! now resides 1 place below Terry’s Tips for “stock options trading” at position #23.

Barring site maintenance work or upgrades at Google that would show this as a temporary anomaly of some kind, I am not entirely sure what to conclude.

But it does reinforce the theory that search engine optimization is not a one-time effort. Constant vigilance and training is needed to keep your site in and ahead of the game relative to your competition.

Happy surfing.