Stock Option vs Stock Options on google – Terry’s Tips

Knowing how search engines work is the most basic concept one has to grapple with when considering how to gain position for your business website or blog. For example, Google, the most popular search engine with a suggested 65% of the search engine market, differentiates between the keyword “stock option” and “stock options”. The plural version of this keyword phrase is essentially an entirely different keyword except that stock option is actually contained within the keyword phrase stock options and not vice versa.

So as I work toward getting Terry’s Tips to the top 10 in Google results for the keyword phrase “stock options trading”, the fact that I am working towards getting the plural of this keyword phrase makes a different.

And more strange results are in store. I have currently achieved #17 position for “stock options trading” for Terry’s Tips. And in my efforts to get this ranking, I have made Terry’s Tips #5 in Google for the keyword phrase stock option. The keyword phrase stock options, we are not even in the top 30.

so where I have succeeded in getting this coveted top 5 position for an even more popular keyword than my goal, i am left a bit confused on how to proceed in my efforts. I will keep plugging away and see what happens.