Page Titles, META Description, etc and DMOZ – SEO in Vermont

I reported last time about how to use the DMOZ tag that tells Google not to use the DMOZ description in the SERPs. Now i want to share a small insight that if your page titles and META descriptions are exactly the same, Google will use the DMOZ description instead of your META description because it will look silly on teh SERPs. Google’s main job is to provide meaningful and helpful SERPs for searchers. If you can’t even bother to create different titles, METAs, descriptions, page headings, don’t expect google to play along.

So make sure you use customized page titles, headings, descriptions, keywords, abstracts, etc on every page that you want to show good relevant search results.

And of course back this up with optimized, useful, human friendly content on the page discussing your keyword driven topic! Without good keyword driven content, no amount of optimization will work at all.

If you have minimal content, focus on Pay Per Click and optimized landing pages (more on this later).