SPAM, SPAM and more SPAM in Vermont

SPAM, SPAM, AND MORE SPAM! As we are all familiar with, SPAM messages are (sadly) a part of our daily lives. Unethical companies, individuals and services send out literally billions of messages every day. CAN-SPAM was created as the federal guideline for what commercial entities can and cannot do in relation to SPAM and “unsolicited […]

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Coolbreeze Air Conditioning in Tuscon, AZ speaks Spanish!

Through our iMarket Solutions partnership, we have a client in Tuscon Arizona, CoolBreeze Air Conditioning and Heating. In their market, they have a large Spanish speaking population. And since Cool Breeze cannot necessarily afford the expense of having an entire website translated into Spanish (particularly when considering all the ongoing blog posts and social media […]

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Air National Houston Launch

Vermont Design Works and iMarket Solutions recently launched a new site for Air National Houston. Air National is an existing company that has expanded into the Houston area after many successful years running a full HVAC service company in Tampa, Florida. As a brand new company in a new market, they are actively building relationships, […]

Read More – Vermont Design Works Partnership Launches 16 New Websites in March

Vermont Design Works started a partnership with iMarket Solutions ( in the summer of 2010. Since then, iMarket and VDW have created over 30 websites with full online marketing, blog, content and social media services. Our Domination package is bringing companies with very little presence in the SERPs to the top of the Organic listings […]

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Inbound Marketing Webinar

I am listening to the Inbound Marketing Webinar by Hubspot at #Inbound2011. Some of the data is great. More money and effort is being expended on Inbound marketing (blogging, social media, linked in, etc) versus outbound marketing (TV ads, radio, trade shows, telemarketing, PPC). The costs per lead for Inbound marketing are much lower than […]

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Stock Options 101

Vermont Design Works just launched a great new website that supports the project. Terry gets so many questions about basic stock options information, that we wanted to create a website dedicated to the basics of trading stock options. On Terry’s Tips behalf, I acquired the URL from a person that was not using […]

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Blog updates made easy

Every website needs to have a blog or news update module. A blog is an easy way to create new pages on your website easily and efficiently without hiring a content writer and stressing about what you will say. Ideally, you will use your own customer service policies, schedules, and selling points for your business […]

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Social Media Forum Review

Rick Burnes of HubSpot on Inbound Marketing using Social Media A forum hosted by BTV Social Media Breakfast Club Twitter account: @rickburnes Here are my notes (and some elaboration, corrections, and expansions on my part; very little editing or checking was done) Interruption marketing is the old media model Inbound marketing takes time but eventually […]

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Santa Night Black Tie Event

The Vermont Agency Foundation is holding a Black Tie Event to support the Santa Night mission in St Albans, VT, Burlington VT, and Plattsburgh, NY along with the Common Ground center. Not only is Vermont Agency a client of Vermont Design Works, they have been strong supporters of the Santa Night mission to help children […]

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Advanced Landing Page Strategies for Higher Pay Per Click Conversions Webinar Summary

Not a bad little webinar. Ion Interactive is promoting a tool to make it easy to create and test Landing Pages. Briefly, a Landing Page is the page that a web visitor sees after clicking on a Pay Per Click ad. The essential premise of the webinar is that most PPC campaigns are flawed because […]

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