Able Paint and Glass SEO quirk – Burlington, VT

Similarly to our Stock Options Trading challenge, we have been working with Able Paint and Glass in Burlington, Vermont on their local and national search engine results. We have done a great job getting them locked in on a local level: Most combinations of Burlington, vt glass, Burlington, Vermont windows, doors, carpet, flooring etc, we are in the top 3 (mostly #1) for Local results in Google and are doing fairly well in the regular organic SERPs (search engine results pages).

We were struggling a bit with “Burlington, vt paint” however. We did well with local search on Burlington vt with “paint store” but not just “paint”. This week, we managed to crack the top 15 for “Burlington, vt (or Vermont) paint”. And in another “how did that happen” moment, we are now #15 in Google for Burlington, vt paint but for the GLASS page??

We do not know why…

Andrew Allen